I have always wondered what is it that makes something beautiful.
It is so personal and yet it is linked to our culture.
I was born in Amsterdam and lived in Ein Hod from 10 to 18
I fell in Love in NY, had the best flat mate in London, made
two beautiful children in Hollywood, got a cat In Amsterdam
and now I live in Cuckfield England.
I started my career assisting Jessica Diehl at Vanity Fair,
my first job for her was her first job for Vanity Fair,
Through Vanity Fair I had the privilege to work on big sets,
with big money and big photographer names, styling big Hollywood stars.
I went on to work as an Editor for magazines in Europe,
where the budgets might not be as big, but the talent is.
I love all the places I lived and worked in,
and I want to capture all that beauty once I find out what it is that makes it so.

Vanity Fair,Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, MayFair, GQ, Marie Claire, FAB, Woman’s Health,
Mens Health, LXRY, LINDA, Glamour, Elegance, PARK,
VEGA, and Wylde.

Tommy Hilfiger,Temerley London, McGregor,Philips, TWSteel, L’ancome, L’oreal,
Tenue de Nimes, Bijenkorf, Manfield, Supertrash,
Nationale Loterij, Spec Savers, Kate Hume, Chevrolet,
Budweiser, Apple, Allstate, Yahoo, Nest, and Disney.